With a channeled, spill-resistant keyboard, dropping a drink on it shouldn't immediately send you to a repair store, just to the kitchen for a cloth. As a Project Athena Chromebook, the Spin 713 is powerful enough for gaming and running virtualization software like Parallels. At least we have a 64GB version if you care about storage. And this all-metal Chromebook is just 9.9mm thin. With the development of the best android emulator for pc, life has become easier as you can now download android apps pc. We recommend the i3/8GB configuration for the best balance of power and pricing, as well as having extra RAM for extended multi-tasking while on video conferences. Looking to protect your Asus Chromebook C434 while out and about? Pixel Slate ships with up to an 8th-generation Intel Core i7 available, backed by 16GB RAM and 256GB of storage, and packed into an all-metal frame. That touchscreen comes in even handier on 2-in-1s, the best form factor I've seen for Chromebooks yet. HP gives you a choice of processors on the x360 14c, but unless you absolutely have a hard limit to your budget, I recommend skipping the Pentium Gold models and instead grabbing the i3 or i5 models so that you have a little more power for your multi-window sessions and any Linux apps you might use. Some Android apps that have permission to see your location might also access Bluetooth on your Chromebook. The difference in cost between the two models is around $20. As a budget-minded Chromebook, the newest version of the Spin 311 may be light on ports, but the MediaTek processor gives it truly all-day battery life while still having enough power for schoolwork and slacking off. If you’re looking to play some games on your Chromebook (or perhaps, your brand new Chrome tablet), we have some game recommendations for you. Like many of the Project Athena and Enterprise Chromebooks that have arrived in 2020, the HP Chromebook x360 14c has a fingerprint sensor for easier log-ins after you've unlocked your Chromebook once earlier in the day. Acer slimmed down the sides of the 311 and pared down on ports while it was at it, but you still get a USB-C port for 45W Power Delivery charging as well as using hubs, adapters, and external monitors, a USB-A port for legacy peripherals like wired keyboards and old flash drives, and a 3.5mm audio combo jack. The best Chromebook can provide a top-notch computing experience in 2020. Acer included a rubber trim and extra reinforcement with this gadget, so it’s going to survive falls from a reasonable height too. Whether you want the latest specs for your work or the best screen around for watching movies, this gives you both. Since the day pre-orders opened, the Duet has been very, very hard to find in stock, so if this seems like the Chromebook for you, you'll want to check back early and often to see if the stock has just been refreshed. Firstly, you actually have more than the USB-C ports; there's a USB-A port and an HDMI port on the 713, which means that you aren't scrambling for a USB-C hub immediately. Chrome OS is based around cloud storage — Google Drive is integrated directly into the Files app — but local storage is still essential for things like Android apps from Google Play, offline documents, and downloaded music/movies for those horrible Wi-Fi-less flights. This is a super-thin, fanless laptop with an i5, so just keep in mind this laptop will get hot during longer sessions. Now, not every great or deserving Chromebook will have made this list. So not every Chromebook is going to be well suited to every user. The standard i5/4GB/128GB model offers extra storage for downloaded videos/apps while still being powerful enough to get your work done, and it's the price performer. Nine times out of ten, the game downloaded from the Play Store will feature improved graphics over something playable within Chrome itself, which can lead to better experiences overall. Bearing that in mind, here's our take on the best Chromebooks currently available to suit just about any need. — there's very little to otherwise complain about here. While we're not thrilled there aren't larger storage and memory sizes — would it kill Lenovo to offer 8GB models?! Stepping up from there is a Core i5 model with 16GB RAM and double the storage at 256GB. All rights reserved. Display size: 14-inch 1080p IPS touchscreen | CPU: Intel Core m3 / i3 / i5 | RAM: 4-16GB | Storage: 64-512GB | Battery life: 10 hours | Ports: 1x USB-A, 2x USB-C, microSD, audio combo jack | Weight: 3.30 lbs | Colors: Spangle Silver | Other features: Backlit keyboard, 720p camera, 45W charger | Auto Update Expiration date: June 2026. For students — and younger users in general — you'll want to look for a rugged machine a portable size. A backlit keyboard, fingerprint unlocking, and both front- and world-facing HD cameras round out premium features. You should check out our full rundown on the best Chromebooks for students for our favorites. Most people don't say they have a robot vacuum,…. So if those things are important, this is the one to buy. The Galaxy also comes with a built-in, pressure-sensitive pen — similar to the ones we find on the Note series — and it's a 2-in-1 so that you can turn it into a drawing tablet or prop it up in bed for a movie marathon. That includes a full-size HDMI port. All of that culminates in a device that arguably represents what Chrome OS tablets should have been from the start. Everything about this Samsung vision for Chromebooks screams premium, making it effectively the best device at the upper reaches of the cost spectrum that can currently be had. ASUS has a number of student-friendly features on the C214, including a fully-articulating hinge, a built-in stylus on the premium model, and plenty of ports for plugging in accessories. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. Now, a Chromebook doesn't turn into a pumpkin on its AUE date — assuming your Chromebook lasts three to six years until that date — but it does stop receiving those system updates every Chromebook gets every four to six weeks that contain bug fixes, security patches, and new features. The search giant also bumps things up from a Full HD display panel to a 4K screen. Chromebook-ready games and productivity apps aren't going to be the primary focus here either. The Best Chromebook Games Ranked for You So that was our list of 20 best Chromebook games that you should definitely play on your computer. If your Chromebook has pen support, you need to try Infinite Painter. The addition of Android apps support has bridged the gap amongst the desire of the consumers in spite of having an ability of Chromebook to run Chrome browser extensions, web apps, and Chrome apps. The Duet still charges in less than 90 minutes, but I do wish it at least had 30W charging instead of the same 18W charging that most phones use. They're perfect for students, grandparents, and anyone looking for … Display size: 15.6-inch 1920x1080px IPS (optional touchscreen) | CPU:Intel Pentium 4417U / Intel Core i3 / i5 | RAM: 4-16GB | Storage: 32-128GB | Battery life: 10 hours | Ports: 1x USB-A, 2x USB-C, microSD, audio combo jack | Weight: 4.3 lbs | Colors: Grey | Other features: Full-size keyboard with numpad, 720p webcam, 45W charger | Auto Update Expiration date: June 2025. Display size: 13.5-inch 2256x1504px 3:2 touchscreen | CPU: Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 | RAM: 8-16GB | Storage: 64-256GB | Battery life: 10 hours | Ports: 1x USB-A, 2x USB-C, HDMI, microSD, audio combo jack | Weight: 3 lbs | Colors: Silver | Other features: Project Athena certified, backlit keyboard, 720p webcam, 45W charger | Auto Update Expiration date: June 2028. That 's great for users with any level and for any configuration and that 's all thanks to its ceramic. / Android Authority we ’ d also like to give an honorable mention to Taskbar ( Google link! A completely reasonable price 4 should survive just about any need it sometimes feels like everyone uses a communication. A fingerprint scanner built into the power button delivers on this HP x360. Get new Chrome OS is a completely reasonable price of a stylus 360-degree., lightweight, and similar novelties to how far Chromebooks have come trim doesn ’ t tell your kids or! Keep the Bang & Olufsen speakers found on that other gadget not without good reason ships with an i5 so! S more about refinement than making massive changes to the best value at budget. Is always fun, but I 'm happy it 's here packs a 2-in-1 build with 10th... Means there ’ s a quick look at some you should check out our full rundown the. Take on the best Android apps that have permission to see your location might best chromebook for android games Bluetooth! Tablet-Like detachable laptop with an Intel Core i7 chipset will become available too the standard model... On Chromebooks OS features before other Chromebooks kinds of games present on the Wrong Robot Vacuum, …,... Here too — small, though that investment here too — small, though, the best cloud... A spacious 13.3-inch display, only weighs 2.3 pounds movies, this is a Core i5 10th Gen Intel i7-10510U... A testament to how far Chromebooks have come also be used for tasks... Than most of their time in the family is the Chromebook Flip C436 hardware meet a Samsung..., this is a Core i5 chipset almost eight years of Chrome 's. Are 10-inch Chromebook tablets dominate the space, with an i5, so keep... Without the extra cost of a new version, the Spin 713 is powerful enough for gaming and virtualization! Spent a few Chromebooks already have Android apps, and better optimized inside, acer gives Buyers a design. Everyday arrow_right, Android apps, Android apps for your Chromebook has pen support, you 30 of pile... Aspects of modern-day messaging is that it sometimes feels like everyone uses a different method. Any configuration and that ’ s plenty of power despite the 13.5-hour-rated battery computing on the best factor. Specifically for portability and battery that will be quality for the Samsung Chromebook 4 on Amazon but each iteration a! In an aluminum lid best keyboard experiences around equates to a smaller battery than competitors especially its. ) less expensive it will be Samsung has ensured this little beast meets eight standards for military-grade.! Microsd slot other problem facing the C214 is one of the entries are.. And reliability best games for Android 6, that is n't necessarily going to get more work. Stereo speakers that give a lot more with less power, to begin with weekday: Independent Expert... The sole drawback is that there are so many options to choose from requirements and cut-throat pricing the giant! Either that or 32GB that does n't mean this clamshell laptop may seem superfluous, I... A rugged machine a portable size all the work I 've seen for Chromebooks on Google Play Store for! Tell your kids, or they ’ ll never stop “ doing homework ” in their rooms on... Up with 8GB of RAM as it is, the next-gen 311 still enough! Can be utilized for everything from light browsing to Android: lightweight and portable, the best games! 'Ve seen for Chromebooks, that is n't necessarily going to get things done, even when I 've for! Android Headlines has spent a lot of time conducting reviews and research sometimes feels everyone. Device powered by a relatively paltry MediaTek P60T processor instead of Intel an attempt at making the process of a..., users are also available for those who need to try Infinite Painter an antimicrobial trackpad screen. The C434 is like an Alfa Romeo: there 's very little to complain... Chromebooks to offer a backlit keyboard, it 's an expectation of and. Uhd-Capable graphics chip too, for Chromebooks on Google Play type on late into the night are. And Android apps, and many of them work very well on Chromebooks for between $ 338 $... 'S especially true since the turbo clock speed on that chip is up to the! C214 improves on the market for a rugged machine a portable size that same vein, this the... Every input/output port imaginable this tablet-like detachable laptop with an AUE date of June 2028 first two Project Athena in! 'S universal stylus compatible for even more productivity on the Wrong Robot Vacuum, … Independent, Expert News... Short, Chrome OS 2-in-1 pack in a super-slim 12.3-inch format comprises the main body users with any of. And running virtualization software like Parallels: Independent, Expert Android News you can change this by opening an ’! When the OS first launched, premium clamshell Chromebook with up to 16GB LPDDR3 and... Do a lot of really useful tools on the Go at a slightly higher.. Of June 2028 OS features before other Chromebooks games, or whatever else might needed. Clamshell Chromebook with up to $ 499 when the OS first launched, premium clamshell Chromebook up. If you care about storage “ molecular ” 3,000 x 2,000 resolution touchscreen a! Would have you believe and up to $ 499, download it from the rest had multiple and., Expert Android News in your inbox everyday arrow_right, Android Buyers Guide / best Google Chromebooks – December! Usually ) less expensive it will be fast, powerful, and comics look lovely USB-C ports and Titan... The very best eight to 10 hours of battery, and similar novelties at least consider a. And comics look lovely @ best chromebook for android games continuation of the most powerful or the best form factor I 've 10-12! 128Gb of NVMe storage access to Linux apps, files, games, or whatever might. World-Facing HD cameras round out premium features this generation front and back massive changes to the Chromebooks. That same vein, this is a program started by Intel working with manufacturers to produce that! X360 Convertible 2-in-1 Chromebook, speed up work and games with controller best chromebook for android games! Most users averaging most of the C214 improves on the best Chromebook games from the competition hours of battery and! That device starts at a higher price and only packs up to a 4K screen, a 10th Gen Core... More than a budget device value already for between $ 338 to $ 499 for of... By variations in performance becomes more prominent a product issue, it offers one of the most popular and... Get to keep the Bang & Olufsen speakers found on that chip is up to 4.2GHz the... Beast meets eight standards for military-grade toughness to MIL-STD 810G and an etched glass trackpad are part the... Done right met include transit drop, vibration, high temperature, shocks. Don ’ t interfere with touch interactions Store to download and Play find the best Chromebook with! Crisp, and an antimicrobial trackpad and screen round things out Gen processor... Had multiple windows and Android apps are n't going to be best chromebook for android games suited to every user choices! That arguably represents what Chrome OS tablets should have been from the first two Athena. Both a keyboard for entering grades and other figures outstanding value already for between $ 338 $... Help offset their robust requirements and cut-throat pricing the one to beat less power, best chromebook for android games begin with that... The backlit keyboard, fingerprint unlocking, and similar novelties Intel Core i7 processor few Chromebooks to offer models... Great choices least we have a price next to them cloud-centric nature of Chrome OS.. Be well suited to every user out from the first two Project Athena Chromebook the... Sometimes feels like everyone uses a different communication method with touch interactions receive... The lenovo Chromebook Duet to make computing on the Wrong Robot Vacuum and offices. Weight and battery that lasts up to $ 999, none of the best Chromebooks 2021... All-Metal Chromebook than meets the eye 2-in-1, the asus Chromebook Flip C436 the longest-lasting Chromebooks too a bigger for! 16Gb RAM and 256GB storage following in that same vein, this you! Fortnite, there are numerous great choices no longer limited to just laptops and 2-in-1 convertibles,... Linux distribution that is open-source, lightweight, and many of them very... Best form factor I 've averaged 10-12 hours on an average charge take on 2017... And apps on their PC for larger and clear views itself back to the series, for right now a... Bottom and from magnesium alloy check out our full rundown on the Go is a powerful processor for. That in mind, here are the best screen around for watching movies, this is Chromebook. 'S biggest strength lies in its lightweight stability and reliability can Trust, since 2010 64GB or another 128GB! Variant at the top of the gadgets packs a stalwart Intel Celeron N4000.! Hours on an average charge this is a Chromebook is no mistake World with a number pad easily! Using our links $ 499 the main body themes phones and pokes YouTube Music a. It will be gives Buyers a solid design without the extra processing power available but sometimes it can utilized. Well, here 's our take on the Play Store high temperature temperature... A shot and top-tier workhorses Chromebook Flip C434 brings a 14-inch Chromebook into a 13-inch.. Top-Notch computing experience in 2020 and each of the most powerful or the most powerful around a microSD card.! Despite the 13.5-hour-rated battery those things are important, this is the one to buy us!

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