Read Tracy’s recent post on fitspo. In the fall of 2012, two years before our 50th birthdays we set ourselves a goal: to be the fittest we’ve ever been in our lives by the time we hit 50 (on August 31 (Sam) and September 24 (Tracy) in 2014). NEW YORK — Farewell spring and hello bathing suit season, for some an anxious time that sucks the fun out of summer. It was that impromptu family getaway that made me aware of my size, and foreshadowed years of body anxiety around, simply, having to find a bathing suit whenever a … If losing 5 pounds feels doable, totally motivating, and would make you feel a lot healthier, go for it. And this is the season in which it all begins. Make-Ahead Breakfast Food Prep–The Pumpkin Spice Edition! (Guest Post), I Chose Not to Have Children and I Belong Here, Too, Inching My Way Back to Canada On A Spin Bike, Where the Wild Girls Are (Canoeing in Killarney! Remember when summer felt like freedom? Swimwear Anxiety: Cis Vs. Trans. With constant reminders to have the perfect bikini body, it can be a challenge for even confidant women not to become critical of themselves this time of year. As summer beach season unfolds, bathing suit anxiety rises among some wearers. I think it’s the stranger factor along with the super model stuff. Feminist reflections on fitness, sport, and health. When I think swim suits, it’s the super models who come to mind. And for almost all of us, we don’t compare well to super models in swim suits. Underwear is by definition a private affair, something that only you and perhaps one (or more) significant others will bear witness to. 1. It was easier to hide behind layers of clothes in the autumn and winter but summer -- summer dragged me down. I know too that the bathing suits issues are even more complex if you have a non standard issue gender presentation. I also wonder if there’s a difference of audience. I wanted people to see past all that and see just me. The bras are designed better and fit your body better (if you get the right one that is). This year in particular I’ve been carrying around a few extra pounds and for the first time in my life, I’ve gained weight that I haven’t been able to lose quickly. Second, the mental comparison class is different. The Joy QOM doesn't come with a coloured jersey. Summer is upon us, and depending on where you live in this little world, summer may already be gracing you with its burning rays. You can order it now on Amazon. Bathing suit anxiety: some guesses about why it’s so bad, Why the “Thigh Gap” Makes Me Sad « Fit, Feminist, and (almost) Fifty, A Tale of Two Locker Rooms | Fit, Feminist, and (almost) Fifty, Bikini Body the “Easy Way” | Fit, Feminist, and (almost) Fifty, Starting to swim again and the first trauma is bathing suit shopping | Fit Is a Feminist Issue, Doctorates, Down-Dogs and the Challenge of Self Talk (Guest Post). So what’s the best way to approach summer so that you find inner peace when it comes to your body image? Or a gorgeous dress that makes you feel amazing. Summertime Swim Suits and Body Image Issues Despite being the most active and engaging season for some, summer can amplify anxiety over body image insecurities in others. Easy: the fit is not the same. (Guest Post), Climbing Things, Choking People, and Disability Inclusion (Guest Post), Roller Derby Reaching New Heights (Guest Post), Thanks, Coach! A proper, secure fit can go a long way in easing beach nerves. As summer beach season unfolds, bathing suit anxiety rises among some wearers. A proper, secure fit can go a long way in easing beach nerves. (Lauren Glutz/Lilly & Lime via AP) (Lauren Glutz … As you know, for beaches and leisure, I prefer to go nude where possible (sadly, the range of possibility for legal nudity is limited). I am not saying ditch your friends.

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